Registrar Remuneration

The National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) set out the agreed rates of pay for GP registrars at each stage of training. These rates are enforced through the Commonwealth Government contracts signed by RTOs agreeing to ensure that training practices adhere to the NTCER.

The current agreement requires that GP registrars, regardless of stage of training MUST be engaged as employees of the training practice.

GP registrars are entitled to receive either the base salary or the percentage of receipts/billings, whichever is greater. As this may fluctuate from week to week. GPSA recommends that practices adhere to paying registrars the base rate for their specific stage of training and then a top-up payment not less than every 13 weeks of the difference between what they have already been paid in base salary and their percentage of Medicare billings or receipts.


The base salaries for GP registrars from commencement of term 2 of 2021 are as follows:

 GPT Term Yearly RateHourly Rate     Superannuation Rate
GPT1$78,380.60 ($1,507.32/38 hr week)$39.66plus 10%
GPT 2$94,234.20 ($1,812.20/38 hr week)$47.69plus 10%
GPT 3 & 4$100,643.80 ($1,935.46/38 hr week)$50.93plus 10%

AMA Advice of GP Registrar Base rates of pay indexation – June 2021

For a current registrar pay rate calculator Excel Spreadsheet, Click the link Below:


According to NTCER clause 11.1, the prescribed base rates of pay are reviewed at the beginning of each financial year and adjusted in line with the most recent indexation of the MBS, level 23 consultation item. The new base rates of pay become applicable in the training term immediately following the MBS increase.

As the MBS increase of 0.9 % for all GP item numbers from 1 July 2021 has been announced, the base rate of pay is applicable to all training terms commencing after 1 July 2021 (ie. training term 2 of 2021 and beyond).



The negotiated percentage of billings or receipts for GP registrars is currently set at:

  • 44.79%, plus 9.5% superannuation

Note: Superannuation will by changing to 10% from 1 July 2021



The negotiations have been conducted for you. So why make your life and your practice’s financial situation more difficult.

Make no mistake. Registrars are provided with education from both their professional organisation and sometimes their RTO in how to negotiate. They will come prepared – so should you! Your registrar will attempt to negotiate a higher percentage. You do this at your own risk. Do not forget that as an employee your registrar may now be costing you payroll tax and will certainly be costing you workers compensation insurance. You are also required to pay for the registrar’s annual and sick leave, whereas previously, when registrars could be engaged as a contractor, the practice did not bare these costs.

GPSA does not recommend paying registrars higher than the agreed NTCER percentage.

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