It's not too late to get involved in the NTCER Review: sign onto a GPSA Working Group today.

Since our July announcement of the NTCER review with GPRA, we have made good progress. Both the member survey and online submission process were completed in August, and we are now heading into the workshopping phase of the review. We now invite all practice owners, practice managers and GP supervisors involved in the employment of GP registrars to join our Working Groups and ensure the next iteration of the NTCER best represents GPSA's membership. Click below to get involved.

Research: GPSA 2022 National Supervisor Survey Report

This report summarises the perspectives of GPSA members about their wellbeing and self-care experiences over the past 12 months. According to the survey, GP supervisors who feel well-supported in their workplace, avoid working when unwell, and practise self-care have lower levels of burnout and are more likely to remain in GP training for the next 5 years.

GP Clinical Learning Environment Resources

A suite of checklists, tools and templates have been developed by GPSA to guide you through the process of establishing and/or maintaining a quality GP Clinical learning Environment.