Why is GPSA buying into this issue?

After a week with this topic headlining all variety of medical media, it struck us that nobody was talking about how this might impact supervisors and training practices. Should this issue be any more concerning for training practices than for practices without registrars? Could it impact GPs who supervise differently to those who do not? What about registrars, the quality of their training and their motivation to fellow? Shouldn't you have a say?

Research: GPSA 2022 National Supervisor Survey Report

This report summarises the perspectives of GPSA members about their wellbeing and self-care experiences over the past 12 months. According to the survey, GP supervisors who feel well-supported in their workplace, avoid working when unwell, and practise self-care have lower levels of burnout and are more likely to remain in GP training for the next 5 years.

GP Clinical Learning Environment Resources

A suite of checklists, tools and templates have been developed by GPSA to guide you through the process of establishing and/or maintaining a quality GP Clinical learning Environment.