Bullying and Harassment resources

GPSA has compiled a range of resources relating to Bullying and Harassment in the workplace relevant to your state or Territory, as well as resources offered by GPSA. Sometimes different forms of Bullying and Harassment can go unacknowledged in the workplace and it is important to stay informed.

Smoking Cessation Teaching Plan

This teaching plan has been developed to assist GP Supervisors in training GP Registrars to GP registrars to develop an efficient and effective approach to Smoking Cessation interventions, including understanding the range of pharmacological interventions available.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health in General Practice Guide

This guide sets out how GP Supervisors can strengthen teaching and learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The purpose of the guide is to stimulate conversation and positive change within teaching practices, to promote and support GP registrar’s cultural competence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.