We represent supervisors through credible advocacy that is backed by sound research. GPSA is open to partnering with relevant health sector policy makers and representatives on research that can give new insights into the GP training climate and the contribution that supervisors make to it.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a potential research proposal.


Research underway

Conflict Research

Interpersonal conflict in GP Training research

Have you experienced or observed conflict between registrars and GP supervisors? A joint research project between GPSA, GPRA and Monash University has gathered experiences of the sources and context of conflict in the GP registrar–supervisor relationship, and what works to resolve or prevent conflict. This research was collected via on online survey and one to one interviews with GP Supervisors and Practice managers as well as GP registrars. For more information read the study Explanatory Research Statement. This study has been approved by the Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee (project number 28176). Final research findings will be displayed on this page when available.

Cost of Supervision Research

Research exploring the true cost of GP supervision

GPEx, in association with the University of Adelaide and GPSA, are undertaking a study on the financial costs and revenue associated with teaching and supervision in Australian general practices. Experienced GP Supervisors and practice managers were asked to complete a short online questionnaire to describe the teaching and administrative activities associated with teaching GP registrars in a practice and the time spent on such activities. This information will be used to determine the cost of these activities. The study responses are currently being analysed. This research study has been approved by the University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC-2021-016). We hope that the results from this research will inform future policy and practice. More information on the study can be found in the participant information sheet here. The final research findings will be displayed on this page when available.


Cost of Supervision Research

Why do women GPs supervise registrars, or not?

GPSA is currently analysing research data after interviewing female GP supervisors about why women GPs supervise registrars, or choose not to.  This GPSA funded research project aims to inform how to address the conditions to make it easier for women to supervise registrars in general practice. Please read the Explanatory Research Statement for more information. A brief summary report of the findings to date can be found here

Completed research

ImageTitleDescriptionDownload LinkDate
Rural Generalist ReportSupervision Roadmap: Rural Generalist Training in VictoriaThis collaborative research project lead by GPSA aimed to explore and expand on existing evidence about rural supervision to meet the learning needs of the RG2 group across the Victorian Rural Generalist Program curriculum. It specifically focused on three rural regions of Victoria: Hume, Loddon Mallee, and Barwon South West. Further, this project aimed to use this information to develop a Supervision Roadmap to guide the implementation of high-quality supervised learning across the core generalist curriculum in regional Victoria.Executive Summary

Full Report

October 2021
Exploring Attributes high quality GP SupervisionExploring attributes of high-quality clinical supervision in general practice through interviews with peer-recognised GP supervisorsThis research undertaken in 2019-20 interviewed 22 peer-recognised GP Supervisors and identified 7 key areas associated with quality supervision. These included reflecting and learning from other supervisors, structuring learning, caring relationships, involving the whole practice, learner centred approaches, building independence and encouraging reflection. This research was undertaken by GPSA with the support of the Australian Government’s General Practice Training Program. DownloadAugust 2021
2021 GPSA National SurveyReport on 2021 GPSA supervisor survey Part 1: The future of GP trainingThe 2021 GP Supervisors Australia (GPSA) Annual Survey revealed 70% of GP supervisor respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their Regional Training Organisation (RTO).DownloadMay 2021
GPSA Survey Single Employer ModelPart 2: The single-employer model There is strong policy debate about adopting a single-employer model for GP registrars, which involves registrars being employed by an entity outside of the practice where they are training, on a salary.DownloadMay 2021
GPCLE FrameworkGP Clinical Learning Environment Framework researchThe GPCLE is a new framework to guide continuous quality improvement of the practice learning environment. The GPCLE has been adapted for general practice training environments from the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment (BPCLE) Framework as part of a research project funded by the Australian Government via the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program.Download

GPCLE Framework

February 2021
COVID ResearchChallenges in General Practice during initial COVID 19 responseThis study involved a national online survey of Australian GPs and was conducted in April and May 2020, with 572 respondents. We found that the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia has resulted in major changes to general practice business models.Download

November 2020
GP Supervisors Small Rural CommunitiesSupervising GP registrars – who does and doesn’t participate and why?General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) in partnership with General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA) and Monash University invited 25 GPs to participate in a study designed to better understand the reasons why general practitioners (GPs) do or don’t supervise GP Registrars in rural areas of Tasmania and why. This study is the first systematic analysis of GPs participating in registrar supervision and what underpins their decision to participate.DownloadSeptember 2020
Measure Educational Alliance Supervisor PerspectiveMeasuring the educational alliance from the supervisor’s perspective (GP-SRMS)The project set out to adapt and validate a tool to measure the educational alliance from the GP Supervisor’s perspective. The result is the GP-Supervisory Relationship Measure for Supervisors (GP-SRMS) which is now validated for use in the AGPT program and the Australian general practice sector. It is understood that this is a world-first.Summary Findings

Full report

November 2018
Educational Alliance Registrars ResearchMeasuring the educational alliance with supervisors from the registrar perspective (GP-SRMR)Following on from the successful work of GPTT, GPSA and Monash University to develop the GP Supervisory Relationship Measure for Supervisors (GP-SRMS), the GP Supervisory Relationship Measure for Registrars (GP-SRMR) project has successfully adapted and validated a complementary tool to explore the relationship from the registrar’s perspective. DownloadNovember 2018


External research 

Child oral health and GPs

La Trobe University’s Violet Vines Marshman Centre for Rural Health Research is conducting a pilot survey onChild oral health knowledge and professional practice of General Practitioners’ To be able to take part in this anonymous survey you will need to be an adult (18+years) and a practicing General Practitioner residing in Australia.
If you are interested in completing this short survey which will take no more than 15 mins of your time, or wish to view further information, please click the link below.

Questionnaire on psoriasis- Invitation to participate

RACGP Fellows are invited to complete this one-minute online questionnaire, in affiliation with the University of Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health District, assessing clinician perspectives on psoriasis. This study is conducted by lead investigators Dr Annika Smith and Dr Belinda Lai. Your responses will be informative as to standard practices of care, which is important for establishing a collective approach to the management of these patients. We strongly encourage you to participate. Your responses are anonymous and will remain strictly confidential. All information collected will be non-identifiable. Please submit the survey only once. Click here to complete the questionnaire.


Research Participant draw winners

Thank you to everyone who provided information for our 2020 National Survey: The winners of our draw are: Carolyn Miller, Goolwa Medical Centre Matthew Cardone, Tweed Health For Everyone David Foley, The Hawkesbury Family Practice Thank you to everyone who provided information for our 2021 Survey Your Views on the Future of GP Training: The winners of our draw are: Dr Michelle Emmerson, Hallett Cove Family Practice Dr Graham Morris, Kadina Medical Associates Dr Christina Wong, Pambula Medical Centre