Employment Contract Template (interim)

Having an appropriate employment contract in place before your registrar commences working in your practice is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. This contract is distinct from the training agreement, serving as the document to which you and your registrar will refer if there is ever anything in question about their employment conditions. 

Getting this right is not always easy. An overly-lengthy contract is rarely read in full, and a contract that’s oversimplified is liable to under-explain the two-way protections – rights and responsibilities of employer and employee – that need to be set out in an employment agreement.

GPSA has proudly supported our members since 2016 with an employment contract template developed in line with both Fair Work Australia’s National Employment Standards (NES) and the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER). As we are undergoing a full collaborative review of the NTCER with GPRA through the second half of 2022, however, what we provide now by way of an employment contract template is likely to be significantly altered before Semester 1 in 2023.

In order to provide you with a template to customise for use in your recruitment of registrars prior to the negotiation of the revised NTCER, and in light of the likely changes to individual terms and conditions per their numbering in the current NTCER, we have prepared this as a short-term solution: Interim-Employment-Contract-Template-2023.docx (542 downloads)

You will note that this has been updated to be in full compliance with current employment legislation, and remains in keeping with the NTCER, but  is less specific than previous versions of the template which referenced terms in the NTCER by their specific item numbers (and these will inevitably change before the new semester begins).

When issuing this interim template, we ask that you please advise your registrar that a second Schedule may need to be added to the contract with any revised terms. This will ensure that this agreement remains valid after any significant changes as an outcome of the NTCER review. If you have any questions, please email projectmanager@gpsa.org.au