Contact the GPSA Team

We are here to help, so please choose from the below options to email the team member who can attend to your query or request directly. As with most choices in life, however, there’s always a “Miscellaneous” option in case it’s all too hard!

Please note that we work flexible hours at GPSA. While we will attempt to respond to your emails immediately, there may be a small time lag due to the part-time availability of our small but efficient team. 

Supplier Queries

Suppliers can use this email to contact GPSA’s accounts team.


Community Issues

Contact Carla about any topics you would like to contribute to, or issues you would like GPSA to take up with sector stakeholders for the benefit of training practices, supervisors and/or trainees.


Governance Matters

Contact the Chair and Board of Directors with any queries or suggestions.


Resources & Online Education

Contact our Education Manager directly with any queries, suggestions or requests for supervision resources, online education delivery. Please note that Simon works Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All webinar and resource queries can be sent to Jane on other weekdays or outside business hours via



If you can't work out which option fits your needs, you can always contact Jane with any general enquiries!

General Enquiries

Member Assistance

Contact Lachlan with any Member Service enquiries, including but not limited to employment of registrars, accessing practice/supervisor payments under the AGPT’s National Consistent Payment (NCP) framework, and any queries, suggestions or requests regarding practice resources. Please note that Lachlan works Tuesday through Friday. Any urgent enquiries can be sent to Carla on Mondays or outside business hours at

Member Services

Membership Issues

Contact Karen with any queries regarding membership of GPSA’s Community of Practice.


Practice Manager Guidance

Use this link to contact Leonie with any Practice Manager-specific queries. Please note that Leonie works with GPSA on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Any urgent enquiries can be sent to Carla on the other weekdays or outside business hours at

PM Help

Research & Policy

Use this link to contact Samia about any current or past GPSA research, or any opportunities for future studies / research collaboration. Please note that Samia works flexible hours. Any urgent enquiries can be sent to Carla at


Stakeholder Communications

Sector stakeholders can use this link to contact Carla with any queries or executive communications.



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