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GPSA run a series of evening webinars on a monthly basis. The webinars are always presented by an expert in the topic and mainly by GP Supervisors. GPSA record the webinars for those who are unable to attend on the night and these are available below and on the GPSA You Tube Channel.

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Recognition of Continuing Professional Development certificates are available for registered webinar participants only. For more information, download our policy here:
Recognition of CPD policy

Develop your skills as a supervisor

View thumbnailIntroduction to GP supervisionThis webinar will provide straight-forward answers to simple questions about becoming a GP supervisor such as: Where do I start? What do I need to know? What do I need to do?Dr Simon Morgan
Dr Tony Saltis
View thumbnailNew supervisors – Tips & tricksSharing some tips and tricks ‘of the trade’ for new or prospective GP supervisors.Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailTips for new supervisorsThis webinar contains practical tips, information and resources to support the new GP supervisor and the teamDr Bruce Willett
View thumbnailSupervising IMGs – GPSA guideThis webinar aims to assist GP supervisors to better support IMG GP registrars training in their practices. It is based on the newly published GPSA guide.Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailSupervising IMGs – Common challengesDr George Zaharias explains some of the common challenges experienced by IMG registrars engaged in the Australian general practice setting and how GP supervisors can help your registrar identify and navigate them.Dr George Zaharias
View thumbnailCommunication and IMGsThis webinar discusses some of the challenges and solutions to supervising overseas trained doctors.Dr Rebecca Stewart
View thumbnailSupervision of registrars undertaking teleconsultationsAn overview of teleconsultation supervision approaches, specific actions and initiatives, and how to use technology for three way consultsDr James Brown
Dr Paul Dilena
View thumbnailImprove safety with a ‘Call for help’ listHow to utilise the ‘Call for Help’ list to provide clear instructions for registrars on when to call for help, alongside being used as a tool to monitor a registrar’s safety and progress throughout a placement.Dr Gerard Ingham
Dr Kayty Plastow
View thumbnailStress and your registrarThis webinar will provide you with an understanding of the different strategies you can employ as a GP Supervisor with your GP Registrar to weather a career in general practice safely and sustainably.Dr Caroline Johnson
View thumbnailRegistrars at riskIdentifying and Supporting GP Registrars at Risk can present the most challenging and rewarding times for a GP supervisor. Here GP supervisor Dr Konrad Kangru explains the key to identifying and supporting registrars at risk effectively.Dr Konrad Kangru
View thumbnailRisks of after hours on callThis webinar seeks to explore and address the issues identified for both doctors working in after-hours environments and their GP Supervisors.Dr Genevieve Yates
View thumbnailSupervisors in difficultyAn informative webinar for Identifying and Supporting GP Supervisors in difficulty in a variety of situations and discussion on appropriate responsesDr Denise Findlay

View thumbnailImproving the learning environmentThis webinar explains 6 key elements of a quality learning environment, accompanied by tools and guidance on how to implement these in your practice. Dr Michael Baker
Dr Gerard Connors
View thumbnailStructuring teaching & learningMany GP training practices integrate education horizontally (between a multidisciplinary team) and vertically between (medical students through to the GP supervisors themselves). Here GP supervisor Dr Sam Heard describes the concept and its practical application in his practiceDr Sam Heard
View thumbnailPlanning learningThis webinar addresses the critical task of helping registrars plan their learning. It will cover the scope of possible learning needs, both known and unknown, and the tools that supervisors can use to help identify them.Dr Ed Poliness
Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailFocusing a registrar’s learningVanessa Lynn of RACGP and Lynn Saul of ACRRM present on the standards, assessments and checkpoints in a registrar’s journeyVanessa Lynn
Lynn Saul
View thumbnailFormal teachingThis webinar addresses the ‘how to’ aspect of practice-based teaching, focussing on the range of teaching methods and their utility. It highlights a new framework for effective problem case discussionDr Tony Saltis
Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailIn-practice teachingThis webinar explores alternative approaches to in-practice teaching to enhance GP Registrars’ understanding of the GP domains, whilst exploring the populations, presentations and processes in General Practice.Dr Rebecca Stewart
View thumbnailIn-practice teachingThis webinar covers concepts such as ‘what to teach’ and ‘how to teach it’.Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailRandom case analysisThe various clinical supervision options available to a supervisor are explored, looking at their strengths and weaknesses. A framework for random case analysis is presented that has been found to frequently reveal patient safety concerns.Dr Gerard Ingham
Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailAd hoc and informal teachingThis webinar will provide supervisors with skills in identifying teaching opportunities and in turning ad hoc (corridor) encounters into a valuable teaching and learning experiences.Dr Helen Mullner
Dr Penny Need

View thumbnailConsultation analysis and feedbackThis webinar discusses some of the consultation model structures, how to analyse consultations and, in turn, how to provide developmental feedback to GP registrars around their consultations.Dr Simon Hay
View thumbnailGiving feedbackThis webinar discusses feedback in a variety of situations that require effective feedback to be delivered, strategies available to deal with almost any learner and situation and how to understand which feedback strategy will suit which situation best.Dr Konrad Kangru
View thumbnailAssessing the reflective practitioner Reflective practice is crucial in continuous development and re-assessment of skills when working in health care. This webinar brings a fresh exploration of how you can integrate reflective practice into the teaching and assessment you conduct with your registrar.Dr Peter Harris
View thumbnailObserving your registrar: Refine your skillsThis webinar details different ways of observation, the consultation observation tool, the most common consulting errors, and feedback on a consultation.Dr Andy Morgan
View thumbnailTelehealth Consultations – AssessmentLearn how to assess registrars performing telehealth consultations, discuss the role and methods of in-practice formative assessment, and adapt other formative assessment methods to the telehealth consultation.Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailPerformance managementThis webinar is practical and all about highlighting the things that can be done to ensure a healthier, happier, more productive working environment within the business of general practice.Riwka Hagen

Teach your registrar about…

View thumbnailChronic painThis presentation will give your registrars an understanding of chronic pain management, including the development of a patient-centred, goal-directed plan, using a shared decision-making approach. Dr Merissa Cappetta.
View thumbnailAddiction medicineJoin Dr Paul Grinzi in this webinar video to hear about common registrar blind spots and challenges with identifying and managing patients with addiction. He also has some useful tips to teach registrars how to navigate addiction medicine effectively.Dr Paul Grinzi
View thumbnailAdvance care planningThis presentation will assist GP supervisors to teach registrars their role in advance care planning and how to support their patients in the process.Dr Chris Moy and Helena Rodi
View thumbnailBehavioural Issues in childrenThis webinar will discuss behavioural problems and common developmental behavioural problems in children from toddlers to primary schoolers including diagnosis, management and when to refer.Dr Aaron Chambers
View thumbnailChildhood traumaThis webinar gives an overview on what to teach your registrar about identifying and treating patients with a history of childhood trauma.Dr Louise Stone
Dr May Su
View thumbnailCoeliac diseaseGeneral Practitioners play a critical role in the diagnosis and management of coeliac disease, ensure your registrar knows how to do this.Dr Jason Tye-Din
View thumbnailCommon infections – 1This webinar aims to assist GP supervisors to better support their registrars assessing and managing presentations of common infections, including skin and soft tissue and UTI and provide links to key resources.Prof Josh Davis
Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailCommon infections – 2This webinar aims to assist GP supervisors to better support their registrars assessing and managing presentations of common infections, including respiratory and GI infections. It will also focus on antimicrobial stewardship, evidence-based practice and provide links to key resources.Prof Josh Davis
Dr Simon Morgan
View thumbnailContraceptionThis webinar will give supervisors a practical update on recent developments in the field, highlight the most up to date resources available, look at the current evidence relevant to the Australian setting, and enable supervisors to assist their registrars deliver optimal contraception advice.Dr Sally Sweeney
View thumbnailCOPD medicinesThis webinar discusses common learning/teaching challenges with respect to COPD medicines and inhalers, how to navigate them, and what key resources are available to help teach your registrar.Dr Simon Morgan
Jane London
View thumbnailDementia careThis webinar will assist you the GP Supervisor in teaching your GP registrar how to identify dementia with great certainty as well as how to deliver a diagnosis of dementia.Dr Marita Long
Dr David Knowles
Dr Hilton Koppe
View thumbnailDementia managementDementia is increasing in our ageing population. It is important that we can prepare ourselves and our registrars to better understand, diagnose and manage dementia.Dr Marita Long
Dr David Knowles
Dr Hilton Koppe
View thumbnailAdvanced dementiaPresenters discuss strategies for teaching your registrar to manage Stage 3 (Advanced) Dementia.Dr Marita Long
Dr Duncan Howard
Dr Hilton Koppe
View thumbnailDermatological problemsThis webinar aims to assist GP supervisors to better support their registrars assessing and managing dermatological presentations.Dr Neil Macpherson
View thumbnailDomestic violenceUnderstand how to support registrars in managing domestic violence – make sure your registrars know how to ask patients about domestic violence, how to respond to a disclosure, how to safely plan and refer, and how to manage with the whole family.Dr Jennifer Neil
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