Online Learning Modules

GP Supervisors Australia have developed a series of online learning modules aimed at helping GP supervisors and practice nurses in various aspects of their work and training with GP registrars. Stay up to date on the release of more online learning modules through GPSA member communications. Become a GPSA member.

Resource Kit

This resource kit is a practical tool to help ensure practice nurse lead education topics are efficiently and effectively delivered in a standardised format that is evidence based best practice. The modules are not intended to be delivered verbatim but rather as a guide to discussion between the GP supervisor, nurse and the GP registrar.

Readings and web links are provided to refresh or consolidate your knowledge base. To simplify the process, a checklist has been developed as a prompt to ensure key information is not missed.

The module contains:

  • resources and practical tools to help you to effectively deliver standardised information that is based on best practice
  • learning objectives or Key Clinical Activities (KCAs) for the GP registrar
  • readings to refresh or consolidate your knowledge base
  • a checklist to help ensure key information is not missed.

The best way to ascertain what stage of training the GP Registrar is at is to ask him/her!



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