Thinking of becoming a sponsor ?

Our GP Supervisors Network sponsors supports members nationally, which gives sponsors access to one of the largest communication channels to GP supervisors and quality training practices available via sponsorship.

Sponsors help us to develop and roll out strategies that support supervisors. This work includes finding ways to increase and retain the number of GP supervisors available to train registrars, and medical students in general practices across Australia – important work when GP registrars outnumber GP supervisors available to train them!

With funding for just 3 Full Time Equivalent positions, GPSA punch above average in terms of output to our members. We are nimble, responsive and our membership is engaged because we deliver what they need, when they need it in no nonsense language. Consequently GP supervisors know and trust what they are going to get when they interact with GPSA and our partners!

Benefits of sponsorship:

Sponsors can access GPSA’s rapidly growing membership of over 4,500 GP supervisors, many of who are the main decision makers in medical practices with multimillion dollar turnovers. Our membership also includes practice managers and health industry stakeholders.

Our members include:

  • GP Supervisors
  • Practice Managers
  • Industry Stakeholders