Social Media Policy Template

Why is a social media policy important to my practice?

With more than 13 million people using Facebook in Australia*, social media is now an important communication channel for both businesses and individuals. However, from advertising to the e-rating of doctors, social media can be a risky tool leaving you and your practice open to a lawsuit if not used correctly.

It is important for your training practice to have an appropriate social media policy and train your employees, contractors, trainees and students in the appropriate use of social media while associated with your practice.

We know your time is precious and limited so we have put together a Social media policy template that can be adapted for your practice should you not have one.

Also have a look at this Youtube clip which explains social media concepts and issues. The Youtube clip can be used in conjunction with your social media policy to form the basis of an important all-staff in-service on the topic.

Other resources and information

Social Media Policy – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Other policies that apply are the National Law, the National Board’s code of ethics and professional conduct, and the guidelines for advertising regulated health services all available on the AHPRA website.

For any questions, contact your indemnity provider or GPSA on 03 5440 9077 or

We acknowledge the Victorian Department of Justice and Victoria University for its work on the media file included in this communication. Statistics compiled by for February 2015. Stats courtesy: Vivid Social Research Division. Figures correct as of 28/02/15.