Webinar: Workers Compensation – A General Practice Approach

Product Description

In this session we look to demystify some of the issues surrounding Worker Compensation, giving you a tool box to understand why the process is important to all parties. Far more than being just some extra paper work, managing workers compensation provides real opportunities for professional and holistic care. Presented by Dr Craig Barnett.

1:38 Overview
6:38 History of Workers Compensation
9:45 What is current workers compensation in Australia?
11:38 Workers Compensation team
15:27 Case study – Kate initial
21:13 Case study – Kate consultation summary
21:57 Case study – Kate treatment plan
26:55 Case study – Kate return to work plan
29:49 Psychological injuries
38:30 Case study MrJones – A psychological injury
39:38 Case study Mr Jones – Suggested approach
44:34 Final tips
46:22 Questions


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