Webinar: Supporting Your Registrar to Provide Best Practice Disability Care

Product Description

In this webinar, Dr Alison Lancey looks at ways to support your registrar to provide best practice disability care.
Use the timestamps below to navigate to particular topics:

1:29 What does having a disability mean?
8:28 Points to discuss with your registrar
11:16 NDIS tricks and resources
17:06 Writing for the NDIS
19:56 A real case example
21:16 Taking a medical or social history
36:35 Important points to discuss with registrars
39:34 Preventative health
54:42 Managing behaviour problems
1:05:58 Suspected abuse – who can help?
1:10:50 Billing

The webinar highlights the point that it is often not the disability that is the root problem, and a comprehensive medical history and systems review needs to be established to understand health issues fully. The importance of preventative health, as well as ethical management of behavioural problems and suspected abuse is also covered. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be all caught up on best practice approaches to disability care.


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