Webinar: Performance management in general practice

Product Description

The causal link between workforce happiness and productivity has been extensively researched and established. It follows therefore that establishing positive workplace culture and performance systems is an investment in the success of the business. If you have experience in supervision, management or even practice ownership you will know it’s easy to talk about the principles of positive workplace culture and performance management and even easier to get them wrong. If you have ever observed poor performance, and successfully or even unsuccessfully navigated their effects, you will know self-reflection and self-efficacy is key. You will also know the whole organisation is party to failings just as they are organisational successes. That is why calibrating performance awareness mechanisms are so important. No-one, employee and management alike, goes to work for the intention of being miserable. This webinar is practical and all about highlighting the things that can be done to ensure a healthier, happier, more productive working environment within the business of general practice.


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