Webinar: Managing the patient with ADHD – Helping your registrar deliver best practice care

Product Description

This webinar will enable GP supervisors to assist their registrar to better identify ADHD in their adolescent and adult patients and to deliver effective assessment, referral and long-term management. Presented by ADHD expert Dr Hugh Morgan. Use the timestamps below to navigate to particular topics. Links referred to in webinar also listed below.

0:32 Learning outcomes
1:59 Is ADHD in adults separate to ADHD in childhood?
2:35 ADHD definition
3:36 ADHD is a family affair
4:35 ADHD over time
5:38 My practice
12:13 Do all psychiatrists treat ADHD ?
13:09 Are people seeking ADHD diagnosis drug seeking?
13:43 Why ADHD matters
15:11 Prevalence of ADHD in Australia
16:32 Can high functioning people have ADHD ?
17:07 ADHD clues from clinical history
19:42 Case study: adult in his 50s
21:34 ADHD self report screening scale
21:54 ADHS and co-existing psychiatric diagnosis
22:32 Treatment of comorbidities
22:53 Conditions to be aware of – 23:31 Summary
25:58 Do patients with ADHD feel calmer with stimulant medication?
27:03 Can GPs prescribe stimulant medication?
30:23 Summary
31:30 Concluding remarks
32:05 Questions and discussion

This presentation will allow you to support your registrars to create transformative life changes in patients through treatment of undiagnosed ADHD. By the end of the webinar, you’ll have an understanding of ADHD assessment, causes and long term management.

Links referred to in webinar:
Adult ADHD self report screening scale for DSM-5 (ASRS-5)
AADPA – Australia ADHD Professionals Association
ADHD teaching plan


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