Webinar: Formal teaching and problem case discussion

Product Description

This is the seventh in the 2021 GPSA New GP Supervisor webinar series. It addresses the ‘how to’ aspect of practice-based teaching, focussing on the range of teaching methods and their utility. It highlights a new framework for effective problem case discussion, PQRST, and reinforces the importance of developing a teaching plan. Click timestamps below to go straight to different sections of the video:

1:08 Learning objectives
1:54 Practice based teaching
3:20 Formal vs informal teaching
4:52 What to teach
7:10 How to teach
7:52 Teaching methods
8:46 Direct observation
11:18 Random Case Analysis
13:15 Review of pathology and radiology results
14:25 Review of referral letters
15:24 Review of prescribing
15:48 Critical incident review
17:29 Topic tutorials
20:29 Reverse direct observation
21:50 Physical examination
22:40 Procedural skills teaching
23:04 Role play
23:59 Teaching
24:20 Exam preparation
24:54 Problem case discussion
27:48 PQRST model of problem case discussion
25:25 Problem representation
29:41 Question
31:11 Reasoning
32:22 Solution
32:49 Teaching
33:35 Case study: Dan
40:03 PQRST model overview
41:05 When and where to teach
43:01 Formal teaching summary


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