Webinar: Before the registrar starts

Product Description

This webinar hopes to make your life easier as a GP supervisor, practice manager or owner. In this webinar, an experienced practice manager and GP supervisor break down all the top tasks, forms, tips, and tricks to ensuring your registrar’s arrival and experience is seamless – for both you the employer and registrar as the employee.

1:50 Process beginning at interview
3:06 Practice manager preparations – 2-3 months out
3:45 Common Medicare forms
5:44 Numbers to collect from registrar
6:57 One month before
8:25 One week before
10:20 Day one
10:54 Supervisor commitment and preparations for registrar
12:57 Ensure registrar is aware that this is a teaching post
14:27 How to deliver feedback
15:46 One last tip from practice manager
17:18 Example of recorded teaching session
19:16 Resources walk through
22:16 Registrar retention
25:56 Member support and conclusion

GPSA has developed a simple yet comprehensive timeline and checklist for practice managers and supervisors which outlines the key tasks that need to be performed, alongside supporting resources, that can be accessed from this webpage.


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