Webinar: A special presentation by ACRRM and RACGP on the transition to college led training

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The transition to college-led training on February 1st 2023 is fast approaching. What will GP training look like for supervisors and practices from that point on? What are the colleges doing to streamline processes and minimise duplication? Click timestamps below to navigate presentation.
Presented by:
Kyra Moss – ACRRM General Manager Education Services
Glen Wallace – RACGP PLT Transition manager
Dr Karin Jodlowski‑Tan – RACGP National Clinical Lead ‑ Rural
Dr Gerard Ingham – RACGP Senior Medical Advisor
Dr Nicole Higgins – GPSA chair
Carla Taylor – GPSA CEO

0:46 Is there bi-college collaboration on the transition from RTO-led training
1:14 RACGP College-led training organisational model
1:36 RACGP Indicative distribution of training activity
3:29 ACRRM Fellowship program
5:15 ACRRM training network
7:08 How will registrar exams and ECTVs be impacted by transition?
8:59 What is being done to streamline accreditation?
9:29 Accreditation principles & processes
10:12 How are the colleges working together to make accreditation less of a burden?
13:13 Joint accreditation process principles
14:13 Registrar training placement principles & processes
18:48 Will the transition change supervision as we know it?
21:29 How is supervisor professional development changing?
25:58 What is the national consistent payment?
29:23 What have the colleges planned for practice managers?
31:35 How will placement processes & practice matching work?
32:17 Will there be funding for registrar accomodation & other expenses in rural areas?
33:15 How do we attract more doctors to general practice?
35:15 Final comments


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