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Vertical and Horizontal Learning Integration in General Practice

This guide gives you the tools on how to get started, practical examples of opportunities to incorporate integrated learning into your practice.

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Vertical and Horizontal Learning Guide

Pressures on training practices are increasing. Red tape and paperwork is rising and general practices are becoming more involved in undergraduate medical teaching.
There are increasing numbers of aspiring GPs who need to be trained to the excellent standard required to provide frontline primary care.

To meet these obligations, some practices are looking for ways to maximise existing skills, knowledge and resources to deliver quality learner-centred training,
while still running an effective business.

The vertical and horizontal integration of medical education and clinical teaching can go some way to meeting these needs.

This guide will help outline to GP Supervisors, GPs and practice managers the benefits, risks and challenges associated with using this training approach, as well as practical examples of integrated learning.

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