Podcast: Enhancing your in-practice teaching

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This episode focuses on formal practice-based teaching, the quarantined, structured form of clinical teaching. It sets out to answer two questions:

  1. What should supervisors teach? i.e. how to make teaching relevant and appropriate
  2. How should supervisors teach? i.e. how to make teaching engaging and fun – different

Originally recorded in June 2020

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Communication of risk

One of the core aspects of shared decision making (SDM) is the ability to effectively communicate risk. Risk communication is defined as ‘the open, two-way exchange of information and opinion about risk, leading to a better understanding of the risk in question, and promoting better (clinical) decisions about management’. This includes exploration of the level of health literacy, values, preferences and health beliefs of the patient, and tailoring the way information is conveyed to enhance understanding. Decision support tools play an important part in risk communication.

SDM and risk communication is best taught through role play.

For more information

Read the 2014 MJA paper ‘Shared decision making: what do clinicians need to know and why should they bother?’
Read the 2012 BJGP paper ‘Communicating risk to patients and the public’

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