This month in Policy News we look to the areas where future policy will be needed, particularly around….you guessed it! artificial intelligence and all things robotic!

Rail as we might against change it’s always more effective with good policy

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New Chair of the Medical Board of Australia announced

Following Joanna Flynn’s departure at the end of her tenure, a new Chair has been announced.

Emeritus Professor Anne Tonkin is a physician and clinical pharmacologist. She was also a previous chair of the SA Medical Board.

SA is becoming quite the place to be!

Changes to National Register

Links to public tribunal decisions when serious allegations have been proven will be published on the national register of practitioners in the interests of transparency for the public. This commenced for medical practitioners early in 2018 and will now be extended to all registered health practitioners.

By early 2019, all back decisions will be added with new decisions to be added as they occur.

Read about it on the AHPRA website:


Mandatory reporting laws

Much has been said and written about this issue, particularly whether practitioners treating other practitioners should be exempt from mandatory reporting requirements.

Apparently health ministers have listened and proposed amendments to the legislation will provide a balance between risk to the public and enabling practitioners to seek treatment without their treating practitioners necessarily having to make a mandatory notification.

The Tranche 1A amendments will be introduced into the Queensland parliament (where the National Law was originally legislated, with other jurisdictions then having mirror legislation). The National Law Regulation 2018 will apply to all jurisdictions, including WA, making it a truly National law.

Read the COAG communiqué here:


Snakes and Ladders – the journey to primary care integration

This report by Consumers Health Forum, UQ and The George Institute identifies 5 key themes and 10 priorities for the implementation and transformation required to have genuinely integrated primary care.

The 5 themes and 10 priorities are:

It comes with a five-year plan and an impressive list of participants in the roundtable discussion that helped inform the report.

Read the report here:


“Australian health system set to fail”

That’s the verdict of KPMG in a report just released about connecting people with progress.

For progress in relation to health care, think “a future where Australians have equal access to appropriate health and human services when and where they require the service, regardless of their geography and other demographic characteristics.”.

Sound familiar?

They identify 4 tactics to move healthcare into the future:

And yes! Many of these things are already happening!

It’s a fascinating report that takes a whole-of-society perspective.

View the whole report here:


The internet of medical things (IoMT)

You’ve heard of “the internet of things?” (IOT) – an information system infrastructure for implementing smart, connected objects Framling K, 2003).

Well this report is about the internet of medical things (IoMT).

What is the IoMT? A connected infrastructure of health systems and services, according to Deloitte.

This report claims that the global market for wearable devices and remote patient monitoring systems is expected to reach US$612 billion in 2022.

What does this market consist of? Check out this list:

The future is that we could all become cyborgs (hopefully not all like Arnie! Or that other nasty silvery guy…)

Read about it here:


Date reviewed: 30 November 2018

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