Orientation Checklist


General practices are busy and exciting places, but they can also be quite overwhelming for a new team member. Take time to provide a thorough orientation. It will benefit the learner and everyone else in the practice.

CLICK HERE to download a sample Orientation Checklist that will help your new learner to quickly get to know their way around the practice.  Below are some of the key checks included.

Practice organisation

History of practice and general structure

Introduction to all staff and their roles

Practice information sheet

Practice and procedures manual


Lunchroom facilities, toilets

Car parking arrangements

Fire procedure

Working conditions

Working hours, breaks, roster changes

Method and timing of wage payment

Policy and procedure for annual leave and sick leave

Registrar teaching – dedicated time blocked off

Policy on grievance procedures

Doctor’s trays – correspondence

Reporting incidents and adverse patients

Safety and privacy information

General safety rules

Overview of medical and non-medical emergency procedures

Blood and body fluid precautions

Procedure for needle stick injury

Use of practice equipment and systems


Fax, photocopier and scanner

Appointment system and booking procedures – preferences

Requests for reports, w/comp telephone advice (how to bill)

Procedure for X-rays and follow up

How to enter HIC items numbers and billing

Phone messages


Overview of practice philosophy, type of patients and areas of special interest care etc

Patient record systems and procedures

Computer – medical software program

Accreditation process and responsibilities

Local networks and professional support

Reference books/resources/online

Learning plan


Tour treatment room

Spills kit

Oxygen and emergency room equipment, PPE

Brief on steriliser/log book

Specific equipment: speculums, hyfrecator

Spirometry ECGs


Pathology results protocol

Recall of clinically significant results

General recall and reminder systems

PAP result entry

RN appointments

Vaccinations, batch number records

Contaminated wastes, sharps disposal

Infection control/spills kit

Stocking of rooms

Drug cupboard – documentation required