New measurement tool for educational alliance

Research study looks at GP supervisor’s perspective


A tool which measures the educational alliance between a GP supervisor and registrar from the supervisor’s perspective has been adapted to apply to GP supervisors.

An expert panel of GP supervisors has modified the Supervisory Relationship Measure (SRM) tool, developed for the field of psychology in the UK, to apply specifically to GP supervisors.

The pilot study to adapt the SRM tool to apply to GP supervisors is believed to be a world-first for the field.

A panel of accomplished GP supervisors met at General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) on Feb 24 to modify the SRM and kickstart the Australian study.

GP supervisors who are General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA) members will be invited to participate in the study by completing the modified GP-SRM via SurveyMonkey in April/May.

Panel Lead Supervisor Morton Rawlin said the evaluation of a supervisor’s alliance with the registrar had traditionally focused on registrar satisfaction with the supervision and training they received.

“This research study aims to develop a validated and reliable measurement of the supervisory relationship between supervisor and registrar from the supervisor’s perspective,” Associate Professor Rawlin said.

“The relationship between a registrar and his or her supervisor has been suggested as the platform for all other aspects of learning and the concept of the educational alliance is a central component of this relationship.”

The GP-SRM will also be used to gain an understanding of deficits that can inform the supervisor education strategies of Australian General Practice Regional Training Organisations (RTOs).

GPSA chair Steve Holmes said there had been a lot of interest from supervisors in contributing to the panel and participating in the final survey.

Associate Professor Rawlin, a respected medical educator, is joined on the panel by GPSA and Tasmanian-based GP supervisors:

GPTT in partnership with GPSA and Monash University are excited about collaborating in a project with such direct supervisor focus and input.

This research project is supported by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners with funding from the Australian Government under the Australian General Practice Training Program.



Date reviewed: 11 January 2019

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