Learning Environment Health Check

The Learning Environment Health Check is a way of going through and seeing if there are any deficits in your practice, that you can correct, to make the learning environment a better place. There are two ways to undertake the Learning Environment Health Check:

  • New Supervisors and New Training Practices – complete the Learning Environment Health Check by piecemeal across the six modules outlined below, moving through at your own pace over a series of weeks.
  • Established Supervisors and Established Training Practices – complete the Learning Environment Health Check in one quick, easy take by clicking the button below:
The learning environment Health Check 1-6

Learning Environment Health Check

If you do not wish to complete the Health Check via googleform, you can download a PDF of all the Health Check questions, which includes feedback links, to help you better structure and maintain a high quality GP learning environment.

WHAT: The Learning Environment Health Check is a self-assessment tool that is packaged into six modules which align to the six elements that describe a quality learning environment in GP training.

WHY: To identify gaps and solutions to support supervisors in comprehensively structuring the learning environment. The Health Check ensures that GP supervisors can be confident that their learning environment is best practice.

WHO: Established supervisors, practices, and practice managers, and new supervisors and training practices that are seeking to establish a high quality learning environment.
HOW: Answer questions and complete the modules at your own pace. Modules consist of multiple choice questions and are easy to complete, with each module containing fewer than 20 questions and taking less than 10 minutes to round-off. Responses to questions prompt tailored feedback and access to ‘plug-and-play’ tools, templates, guides, and information, which when implemented can give you confidence that you are founding a high quality learning environment for GP training.


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