Have a say on medical workforce strategy

Do you have an interest in helping to shape planning for the future medical workforce?

As part of the consultation process around the Department of Health’s National Medical Workforce Strategy, a webinar is being held on February 17 to help explore and refine the potential solutions to the priority medical workforce issues that have been identified.

The presenters will be the Chief Medical Officer of Australia, Prof Brendan Murphy, and the principal medical advisor for the project, Dr Susan Wearne.

The strategy is being developed to:

For further information, download a copy of the National Medical Workforce Strategy Scoping Framework here.

To participate or watch the webinar live, go to https://publish.viostream.com/app/s-nzx1xon

Questions can either be sent to the panel either during the webinar or beforehand to healthworkforcestrategy@health.gov.au