Gender Pay and Equity


The national gender pay gap statistics published by the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency in August 2019 show the gender pay equity gap nationally sits at 14 per cent, the lowest it has been for two decades after hitting a high of 18.5 per cent in November, 2014.

ABOVE: An excerpt from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s latest gender pay gap report.

Gender Salary

Self-identified General Practice Medical Services who contributed to the data identified a greater than 37 per cent pay gap between male and female employees, up from 34 per cent in 2015.  Significantly this gap was present in the base salary for reporting General Practice Medical Services.

The NTCER supports gender pay equity at the base and percentage rates by setting one rate for all registrars.

While practices are at liberty to pay above these negotiated rates, the national gender pay equity statistics should make practices pause and consider how their practice remuneration strategy would be perceived on the front page of the medical press.


Would it stack up to public scrutiny and equity expectations?

The Gender Pay Gap Factsheet provides an interesting and recent snapshot of gender pay equity issues.