Webinar – Assessing Your Registrar’s Telehealth Consultations


Date - 12/05/2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant change in Australian general practice, most notably with a rapid rise in telehealth consultations. The shift to telemedicine has significant implications for the GP supervisor, including the need to reconsider traditional in-practice formative assessment processes like direct observation and random case analysis. This webinar will discuss an approach to assessment of GP registrars in the new world of telemedicine.

Learning objectives
By the end of this webinar, you will be able to

  • Discuss the role and methods of in-practice formative assessment of registrars in GP training
  • Assess GP registrars performing telehealth consultations
  • Adapt other formative assessment methods to the telehealth consultation