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Supervising the International Medical Graduate (IMG) GP Registrar presented by Dr Simon Morgan

What to Teach Your Registrars About Behavioural Issues in Children  – Dr Aaron Chambers

How to Teach Registrars About Managing Mental Health Conditions (top tips). Learning to be Comfortable With “Uncomfortable“ – Dr Susan Barnett

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy For Mental Illnesses: It’s Coming. What You and Your Registrar Need to Know About It! – Dr Jamie Rickcord

The RACGP Remote Clinical Examination – How to Help Your Registrars Prepare – Dr Simon Morgan

Teaching Your Registrar About Chronic Disease Management: How to Complete a Time Based Health Assessment – Jane Calligeros and Dr Merran Auland

Teaching your Registrar about Chronic Disease Management Part 2 How to Complete a Care Plan: Steps you can use to teach your Registrar – Jane Calligeros and Dr Merran Auland

Teaching Your Registrar about Chronic Disease Management and Related MBS Items – Jane Calligeros and Dr Merran Auland

What to Teach Your Registrar About Patient Testing Treatment and Prevention of HIV AIDS – Dr Andrew Mahony

Observing Your Registrar: Refine Your Skills – Dr Andy Morgan

What to Teach Your Registrar About Identifying & Treating Patients with a History of Childhood Trauma – Dr May Su and Dr Louise Stone

What to Teach Your Registrar About Prenatal Screening. What’s New in Preconception & Antenatal Care, with a Focus on Genetics and Reproductive Carrier Screening – Dr Caitlin Forwood, Dr Kirsten Boggs

A ‘Call For Help’ List To Improve Safety For Supervised General Practitioners – Dr Gerard Ingham and Dr Kayty Plastow

Domestic Violence in a Pandemic – a Primary Care Response – Dr Jennifer Neil

Enhancing Your In-practice Teaching – Dr Simon Morgan

Teaching Yourself and Your Registrar About Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health: Myths, Tips and a New Guide. – Dr Tim Senior and Dr Keith Gleeson

Assessing Your Registrar’s Telehealth Consultations – Dr Simon Morgan

Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation: What GPs and Their Registrars Need to Know – Dr Greg Mewett

Why do you love being a GP Supervisor?

Identifying and Supporting Registrars at Risk | Episode 12 with Dr Konrad Kangru

Teaching Clinical Reasoning | Episode 11 with Dr Simon Morgan

The Business of General Practice | Episode 10

Managing Uncertainty | Episode 9 with Dr Justin Coleman

Supporting Registrars to Manage Patient Boundaries | Episode 8 with Dr Genevieve Yates

Tips for New Supervisors | Episode 7 with Dr Bruce Willett

Teaching Professionalism and Ethical Practice | Episode 6 with Dr Simon Morgan

The Communication Toolbox: Supporting and Training Overseas Trained Doctors (OTDs) | Episode 5 with Dr Rebecca Stewart

Preparing Your Registrar for the StAMPS Assessment | Episode 4 with Dr Ralph Chapman

Supporting Your Registrar to Manage Stage 3 (Advanced) Dementia | Episode 3 with Dr Hilton Koppe, Dr Marita Long, and Dr Duncan Howard

Teaching Your Registrar About Coeliac Disease | Episode 2 with Dr Jason Tye-Din

RACGP’s Practice Experience Program Explained | Episode 1 with Dr Genevieve Yates