Develop a Registrar Learning Plan

A learning plan, developed by the Registrar and Supervisor, helps the learner to navigate the direction they want their training to take. It can also help identify if they need additional work in a particular area and ensure that the GP supervisor is providing a comprehensive range of clinical teaching.

In the first or second one-to-one session, the GP supervisor should go through the plan with the Registrar. An updated learning plan usually needs to be submitted to the regional training organisation (RTO) every month, but it is important to keep up to date with the plan on a weekly basis.

See below for an example Learning Plan for a GP Registrar:

Learning plan

Registrar name and RTO:  Dr Amanda Hope, EVGPT

1) Identification of learning objectives

Management of soft tissue injuries & examination

Management of dizziness

Immunisation schedule

Testicular pathology

Guidelines – HTN, DM, Asthma/COPD

Management of gout


Management of menopause – HRT risks and benefits

Management of back pain

2) Resources/methods for meeting objectives


Other GPs

Therapeutic guidelines


3) Methods for measuring progress

Feeling more confident in my ability. Asking less questions and being able to manage different GP scenarios better.

Registrar signature:
Supervisor/training advisor signature:

Please forward this form to your training provider and keep a copy for your record.