GP supervisor voice counts!

You only have to look at the current federal election to see the consequences of disunity and the power of stakeholder feedback in the form of a vote. In many ways a vote is an evaluation of each government.

Over the next 12 months GP supervisors will be called on to complete an evaluation of your RTO. This is being used by the bicollege team and will feed into accreditation of each RTO.

The first evaluation has been sent out to GMT supervisors in June and GP Synergy supervisors will receive theirs this month. It is critical that if you have something to say about your experience with your provider that you do so via this mechanism.

There is nothing more powerful than a consistent message. So this evaluation will measure how consistent your experience is compared to your peers, where the strengths are and what opportunities for improvement exist.

Unlike the federal election, your ‘vote’ in this evaluation is not compulsory, but the consequences of not voicing your opinion through this evaluation has far reaching consequences. You can make the voice of GP supervisors count. So please use it.

RACGP Election outcome

GP Supervisors Australia welcome the announcement that Tasmanian GP Supervisor Dr Bastian Seidel has been elected RACGP President and will commence in this important role in October. Dr Seidel understands the challenges and benefits of GP training first hand as an active GP supervisor since 2007.

We would also like to acknowledge the great profile Dr Frank Jones has brought to both the role and the college and importantly the profession and its current challenges. The positive relationships and leadership forged during Frank’s term are most welcome and we look forward to the continuation of the positive relationship GP supervisors have established with the college presidents past present and future.

National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) Negotiations

We have called for recommendations about changes to the NTCER and sought your feedback via a survey conducted earlier in the year, there is still an opportunity to feed into this process if you have some specific recommendations to make we would welcome your input. Please email with your suggestions.

RTO Network Negotiations regarding Training Practice Agreement Principles

GPSA have developed a set of guiding principles which are currently being negotiated with the RTO Network. These principles were road tested at the recent Supervisor Liaison Officer Network meeting and supported by members of this group. The principles pave the way for friendlier and more consistent terms and conditions for training practices. We will keep you informed of outcomes of these negotiations as they progress.

New Training Term

A new training terms is upon us. Please, if you have not already got an employment agreement in place, establish this early. We emailed you some ways to avoid Medicare provider number delays last month. We trust these were useful and we look forward to a seamless transition into Term 2. If you have not yet downloaded the GPSA Employment Agreement Template for the 2016.2 term here it is.


Dr Bruce Willett
GPSA Chair


Date reviewed: 22 March 2017

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