The first quarter of 2016 has been all about fairness and equity at GPSA, so it is fitting that the second eNews pays tribute to gender pay equity issues and opportunities for our valued female GP Supervisor colleagues to access training grant funds for women in health.

GPSA are in the process of reviewing RTO Training Practice Agreements nationally and providing support and advice to RTOs about how TPAs can be adjusted with a view to fair and reasonable Terms and Conditions for all.

Thankfully we work in an industry where our training providers actively seek feedback of this nature and are fair minded. There is growing support for a National Terms and Conditions for the Engagement of Supervisors and GPSA will work on a draft with RTOs and the Department of Health during 2016.

I was able to advocate for GP Supervisors at the recent GP Training Advisory Council (GPTAC) and United General Practice Australia meetings and heartened by the recognition and global support for GP Supervisor issues from RACGP, ACRRM, RDAA, GPRA and the AMA.

GPSA are also about to embark on the renegotiation of the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER). We encourage you to complete the survey in this eNews which will help define GP Supervisor and Practice Manager Issues with the existing NTCER. Three (3) respondents to this survey will be randomly selected to receive a $500 voucher for Harvey Norman. We will let you know if you are selected and publish the names of the winners.

GP Supervisors are seldom backwards in sharing their thoughts on issues as they arise and so we are certain that you will have fantastic ideas about what you would like to see adjusted in these frameworks. We welcome your input and thank all supervisors and practice managers for their ongoing engagement.



Dr Bruce Willett

Chair GPSA




Date reviewed: 22 March 2017

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