Chair Report April 2017


On Thursday Assistant Minister for Health, The Hon. David Gillespie announced the coalitions investment of $54.4 million over the next two years to create three additional University Departments of Rural Health and 26 Rural Health Training Hubs.

GP Supervisors Australia applauds this decision.

Government policy around health workforce distribution is complex, so building on initiatives that have demonstratively boosted health workforce retention through training in rural and remote locations is a good idea.

The announcement is a very practical and welcome investment in our communities as we head into the Easter break. There is something about Easter that inspires pause and reflection… and perhaps a chocolate or two to be shared among family. While not all of us will get a break this Easter, for those supervisors working over this period we thank you for looking after our communities.

Recognition of Service

The Recognition of Service Awards are all about recognising the important work GP supervisors nationally contribute to their communities.

It has been pleasing to see some of our most recent awardees recognised by their local news media. Remember if you have someone in your team that has contributed over 10 years as a GP Supervisor, we encourage you to nominate them for this award.

Ethical Dilemma’s Teaching Resource

If you have a spare moment over the break have a look at the resources available for download in this eNews. Notably the Shades of Grey Resource are a set of ethical dilemma scenarios a GP registrar may face as a GP. You can use these as an in-practice teaching session to put your registrar through their paces and guide their understandings, professional attitudes and future actions.

New Teaching Clinical Reasoning and Managing Uncertainty Guides

We have published two new guides since the last eNews, to coincide with the related webinars. While our collective knowledge in these areas is developed throughout our careers, we can assist our registrars from their first term by highlighting these areas and employing the teaching strategies outlined in these guides early on in their terms. Having an early conversation can really assist with your registrars progression. Check them out they are definitely worth a look.

Federal Budget

On May 9, GPSA will attend the budget lock-up for a briefing on the budget measures being delivered by the Treasurer specifically in the health portfolio. We will use this opportunity to unpack what the budget means for supervisors in the next eNews.

Supervisor engagement

We have been pleased to see member engagement continue to grow with webinar registrations consistently above 150. If you have not yet delved into the curious new world of education from the comfort of your own home, give it a go. There is an opportunity for you to engage with fellow supervisors and learn something new without taking you away from consulting time during the day.

I hope you enjoy what the team have put together for you in this eNews. It is great to see the teaching plans and orientation templates being downloaded in such high volume… it says we are hitting the mark in terms of the support you want, which is great.

From the entire GPSA team and board I wish you a happy and safe Easter. May the Easter break warm the Government to the idea of unfreezing Medicare next month.

Warm Regards,

Steve Holmes
GPSA Chair



Date reviewed: 13 April 2017

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