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GPSA represents GP supervisors within the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program. The AGPT program is based on an apprenticeship model where the majority of GP training is conducted within GP clinics, Aboriginal Medical Services or approved hospitals.


GP supervisors work in these accredited training practices or with regional training organisations (RTOs) training GP registrars, Overseas Trained Doctors and medical students. They deliver over 90% of GP training.

Supervisors are not only GPs who teach but also people who inspire and support the next generation
of GPs through their years of training. Supervisors offer one-on-one teaching, supervision, support, feedback and advice.

In a recent survey of GPSA members – 64% of respondents stated that watching the
development of a GP registrar was the most satisfying aspect of being a supervisor.


From orientation checklists, to how to set goals for learners and how to plan a GP registrar’s first few days, this information will help you put the building blocks in place to good supervision. The New Supervisor Guide will help you start your role as a GP supervisor. The practical tips, information and resources are been created by GP supervisors to support you in your role.

Download the New Supervisor Guide.

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How to become a GP Supervisor

College Standards

The RACGP and ACRRM both have standards on supervision and training posts. Regional Training Organisations conduct accreditations on behalf of both ACRRM and RACGP. You may wish to review these standards:

The following is an excerpt from the ACRRM standards on page 4 of their most current published supervisor requirements:

2.1 Supervisor qualifications and experience
ACRRM has set the following qualifications and experience as a minimum to provide supervision for ACRRM registrars.
Supervisors must meet all of the following:
  • current full and unrestricted registration with the National Medical Board of Australia;
  • fellowship of ACRRM or has experience and qualifications which are assessed by ACRRM to be equivalent (see appendix 1);
  • not less than five years full-time equiv alent experience in rural and remote medicine or other rural specialist practice (including training time);
  • the ability to act as an appropriate role model, exhibiting a high standard of clinical competence, communication skills and professional values in relation to patient care; and
  • demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development.


RACGP VT Standards. The relevant standard is 2.1 located on Page 18:

Standard 2.1 of the RACGP standards (attached).

An excerpt from the RACGP standards outlines the following requirements:

  • Supervisor as an excellent role model
  • It is essential that all supervisors provide excellent professional and clinical. This can be demonstrated (in the case of nominated lead supervisors) by:
    • full and unrestricted registration as a specialist GP under Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA);
    • professional involvement in the broader general practice profession;
    • fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP); and
    • participation in continuing professional development, in particular, aimed at improving performance as a general practice educator.
  • The nominated lead supervisor of the registrar, at the very minimum, will be recognised by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) as a specialist GP.
  • Non-GPs may also supervise in extended skills posts for instance, or as part of a supervision team.
  • The nominated lead supervisor for each registrar in a general practice placement will be an experienced and credentialed specialist GP.
  • The RACGP VT Standards allow for increased flexibility in how supervision is delivered including remote and team supervision options.

Find out more about preparing for supervision in The New Supervisor Guide.

More Information

At some RTOs, GP supervisors are accredited either as a “Principal/Lead Supervisor” or an “Additional Supervisor” and their roles and responsibilities are different. The table below outlines the responsibilities of each role. This has been adapted from the WAGPET requirements but is standard for all RTPs.

Principal/lead GP Supervisor Additional/provisional GP Supervisor
  • Accredited by ACRRM +/- RACGP
  • Accredited by ACRRM +/- RACGP
  • Ensures appropriate supervision and support for the doctor-in-training’s level of training
  • Is on-site at the practice or by other approved means, as required for doctor-in-training’s level of training
  • Ensures the teaching requirements for the doctor-in-training’s level of training are met
  • Ensures the minimum terms and conditions are met during the placement
  • Ensures a structured orientation is provided to the doctor-in-training
  • Supports the doctor-in-training to plan their learning and monitors their progress
  • Undertakes regular formative assessment and provide formal and informal feedback to the registrar and RTO
  • Provides supervision and support as required
  • Involved in formal teaching and opportunistic teaching as required
  • May undertake the lead/principal supervisor’s role during their absence
  • Participation in education based professional development:
  • May vary from RTO to RTO
  • Participation in education based professional development is encouraged
  • May vary
  • Maintain professional indemnity
  • Maintain current medical registration
  • Maintain professional indemnity
  • Maintain current medical registration

Date reviewed: 23 February 2023

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