Age no barrier to GP supervisors

Dr Lisa Mifsud, 33, is among young supervisors proving age is no barrier to helping to train Australia’s next generation of family doctors.

One of four associates at Andrew Place Practice, Dr Mifsud formally started supervision of GPs last year, aged 32.

She is also a medical educator at EVGP Training for GPT1 registrars, commencing the role in 2016.

“I enjoy teaching and I appreciate how important supervision was to my training,” Dr Mifsud said.

“Additionally, I feel that being a supervisor is a way to shape the future of general practice, which is extremely important to me given today’s current political climate.”

Dr Mifsud started her own GPT1 training at Andrew Place Clinic, Bundoora, Victoria in 2013. She then moved to Childs Road Medical Clinic for GPT2, completed by extended skills at Melbourne Sexual Health as a GPT3 and then completed her training at South Coast Medical in Rye before fellowship in 2015.

She recommenced at Andrew Place Clinic as a contractor in March 2015 and was involved with in-practice teaching of a registrar.

Dr Mifsud admits she had concerns about putting her hand up to supervise so soon after fellowship. “My biggest concern was not knowing! And not knowing what I didn’t know,” she said.

“I thought the registrars would think I was a joke – an imposter.

“But in reality, I soon realised that I did have something to offer; and what I have to offer registrars will change as my experience changes.”

For the moment, Dr Mifsud said she offered a perspective that most supervisors didn’t have because many were more experienced GPs.

“I don’t pretend to know everything about everything – as a GP how can I?”

Dr Mifsud said her role as a GP supervisor and with EVGP Training as a medical educator allowed her to be heavily involved in GP training.

“I feel I have a responsibility to assist and help shape the future of general practice.