Annual National Survey – 2023

Why is GPSA running this survey?

GPSA needs to know what these past 12 months have been like for you so your experiences can help shape the direction of GP training for the next 12 months and beyond.

By sharing your reflections and hopes for the future, GPSA can play an active role in driving policy, and workforce participation and retention strategies, to improve GP wellbeing, and the sustainability of our primary healthcare system.

Why should you invest time in completing yet another survey?

GPSA advocates for you within the GP training environment and the health sector more broadly: without your input, the solutions, pain points and fears you need us to communicate on your behalf are at risk of being overlooked.

Participation in this survey is eligible for 1 CPD ‘Reviewing Performance’ hour. Some of your time and reflection will be necessary, but it’s all in a good cause… yours.

Please read the Explanatory Statement before deciding whether to participate in the Survey.

Please note this survey has been developed as part of GPSA’s ongoing collaboration with Monash University. 

Date reviewed: 27 April 2023

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