SLO’s – Current as at June 2018


Dr Gerard Connors – Metro

Dr Fred Edwards – Rural

Dr Christine Boyce – North East

Dr Damian Flanagan – Peninsula


Dr Tom Lemon – Rural

Dr Frank Maldari – Metro

GP Synergy

Dr Ken Hazelton – Western NSW

Dr John Vaughan – North Coast NSW

Dr Cecile Dinh – Nepean/Western Sydney

Dr Ken Mackey – ACT/Murrumbidgee

Dr James Boyd – Southern NSW

Dr Aline Smith – Central/South West Sydney

Dr Ian Charlton – Hunter/North Eastern NSW/Central Coast


Dr Tim Jackson – South

Dr Toby Gardner – North

Dr Jim Berryman – North West


Dr Bruce Willett – Metro

Dr Sue Masel – Rural

Dr Andrew Weissenberger – Gold Coast

Dr Steve Kearney – Brisbane North


Dr Helen Dooley – Metro West

Dr Hanna El-Khoury – Metro West

Dr Bill Walton – North East

Dr Jay Mungi – North West

Dr Michael Connellan – North West

Dr Cameron Profitt – South West

Dr Brendan Kay – South West

Dr Carolyn Royse – North East


Dr Sarah Chalmers

Dr Anne Kleintz


Dr James Turner – Great Southern

Dr Mike Civil – East Metropolitan

Dr Naomi Jupp – Peel

Dr Lorin Monck – Goldfields Region

Dr Richa Tayal – North Metropolitan

Dr Paula Straatsma – Pilbara

Dr Brenda Murrison – South West

Dr Tonya Constantine – Mid West – Gascoyne

Dr Bill Sands – South Metropolitan


Dr Claire Cupitt

Dr Mark Sykes – AMS Stream


Dr Bruce Chater – Central and South West

Dr Jack McGuire – Townsville and Mackay

Dr Ewen McPhee – West and North West

Dr Denise Powell – Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast

Dr Natasha Coventry – Cairns, Tablelands and Cape & Torres