SLO Network

Your Supervisor Liaison Officer (SLO)

Supervisor Liaison Officers are traditionally highly experienced GP Supervisors employed by each RTO as a support and advice mechanism to both the RTO and GP supervisors. As such SLOs play in integral role in the support and advocacy of GP Supervisors within each RTO’s footprint. Nationally, SLOs are the go to people for support, advice and explanations about:

registrar employment entitlements as they relate to the NTCER
support in managing a GP registrar at risk
advocacy support in relation to unresolved RTO disputes
peer to peer learning and professional development opportunities
mentorship and advice around models of supervision that can be implemented by your practice

As a practicing GP Supervisor and fractional appointment with your RTO, you may not receive sustained or even regular communication from your SLO. They will however make them selves available and get in touch should you need support.

If you do not know who the SLO is for your region, let us know and we will put you in touch. Alternatively you can ask your RTO who the SLO is for your region and how you can contact them.

With the recent changes to RTO footprints and providers, there have been some changes to those who traditionally held the position of SLO for your region. Check out GPSA’s known SLOs list. If there is no-one listed for your region, your RTO may be currently recruiting to the position. This list will be updated quarterly.

Supervisor Liaison Officer Network

The SLO role is supported by a national network of SLOs, auspiced by GPSA. GPSA convene two annual SLO Network Meetings in conjunction with the Australian Medical Educator Network. This is supported financially by the Australian Chief Executives Group for AGPT RTOs and through funding received from the Australian Government as part of the Australian General Practice Training Program.

The purpose of the Network is to encourage national sharing of GP Supervisor knowledge and resources, flag emerging issues and to provide a national support network for SLOs who can find themselves in challenging conflict of interest situations.

The first SLO Meeting will be held on 26 & 27 May 2016 in Sydney. If you are an SLO and interested in attending the Network meeting you should contact the Supervisor and Practice Support person at your RTO for flight and accommodation booking details. GPSA will be in touch with RTOs and SLOs in April.

The Second SLO Network meeting will occur in conjunction with the General Practice Teaching and Education (GPTE) Conference which will be held in August 2016 in Brisbane