Dr Frank Maldari



Frank has been a General Practitioner for 28 years and is a partner in Christies Beach Medical Centre, a privately owned General Practice of over 50 years history.

Frank has been involved as a Supervisor of Students, Interns, RMO’s and General Practice Registrars for over 15 Years. Frank is a SLO for GPEx and has roles on various committees within GPEx. He has had previous board experience with the Southern Division of General Practice. Frank has recently taken on a role as an AHPRA Performance Assessor. Mentoring and training future Doctors has always been what Frank has seen as a core component of quality General Practice.

Frank believes that the future health outcomes for our communities are dependent upon well trained General Practitioners. General Practice Supervisors are the key determinant of these outcomes, a simple fact which is underappreciated. It is essential that we train and retain quality GP Supervisors through recognition, educational support and appropriate remuneration for what can be a challenging but vital role..