Media release

NTCER “Fair and Reasonable” according to GPRA and GPSA

15 May 2018

You have have come across recent claims in the media of bullying and exploitation of GP registrars in training.   The data referred to in these reports was collected by GPRA survey in 2017, who have chosen to selectively release the information almost six months after the survey closed, without context, to the media... just before NTCER re negotiations commence. GPSA  has asked GPRA to provide details of the claims which largely contradict the Department of Health's own registrar satisfaction survey


GPSA Support Equality

10 October 2017

GP Supervisors identify strongly with recognition and respect; both key ingredients being sought in the marriage equality debate. As those charged with the responsibility to mentor the next generation of young doctors it is incumbent upon us to call out intolerance when it occurs.