Current Grants and Tenders


General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) in partnership with General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA) and Monash University was successful in its application for an Education Research Grant through the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program in the Australian Department of Health (DOH).

The research grant was awarded for a project that attempts to measure the educational alliance between a GP Supervisor and a GP Registrar from the perspective of the GP Supervisor.

The relationship between a registrar and his or her supervisor has been suggested as the platform for all other aspects of learning and the concept of the educational alliance is a central component of this relationship.

Despite this, evaluation of this relationship is almost entirely focused on registrar satisfaction with the supervision and training they receive.

The Supervisory Relationship Measure (SRM) is a tool that has been used to validly and reliably measure the supervisory relationship between supervisors and trainees from the perspective of the supervisor in the discipline of clinical psychology in the UK.

As far as we know, it is the first time this tool will be used to explore the supervisory relationship in general practice from the perspective of the supervisor, in Australia or elsewhere.

It may be possible to predict supervisor satisfaction using the SRM, which is a critical motivator in engaging and retaining supervisors in clinical and educational supervision.

The SRM may also be used to gain an understanding of deficits that can then inform the supervisor education strategies of Australian general practice Regional Training Organisations (RTOs).

The SRM will be adapted and piloted with an Expert Supervisor Group in Tasmania.

All GP Supervisors who are members of GPSA will then be invited to participate in the study and complete the modified SRM via SurveyMonkey.

The survey will take place in April/May 2017.


Further information:

Joan Burns, Project Manager, GPSA or 0472 520 611