Benefits of becoming a GPSA member

GPSA is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. This enables stronger policy and advocacy work based on solid research. We are currently undertaking research into the business case for supervision for example which will provide important information about supervision. As members we will continue to represent the needs of Supervisors and Practices – including negotiating the National Terms and Conditions Agreement, and ensuring the continued viability of supervision. We have developed useful resources – such as: Best practice Guide to Supervision; Team leadership in General Practice; Identifying and Supporting GP Registrars at Risk, Identifying and Supporting GP Supervisors in Difficulty and many others. GPSA also run a series of highly relevant webinars. As well as research and training, GPSA produces a newsletter every six weeks, keeping members informed with the latest news and information. All memberships are free of cost.

Membership options – join now

There are three ways that individuals may become members of General Practice Supervisors Australia. Both Honorary Memberships and Supervisor Membership options are available for people working in training practices. However, if you’re working in the industry but not a Supervisor Member, or wouldn’t consider yourself to be an Honorary Member, you can join as a Stakeholder Member. All memberships are free of cost.


(a) Is an active Supervisor in a practice accredited to train GP Registrars; or
(b) Is an Honorary Supervisor

GP Supervisors are required to be an active supervisor. They must express their faith in and demonstrate their support of GP Supervisors. They must also demonstrate a commitment to improving the quality of vocational training for general practice in Australia. These members are the core of our organisation, being the reason that the organisation exists. We encourage any supervising GPs to join our organisation.

View our constitution and details for the latest AGM here. To join as a GP Supervisor Member, please click on the button below.


Eligibility: (a) Is or has been involved in GP training in any capacity. Honorary Memberships are available to people who are not supervising GPs, but for people who work in General Practice training environments e.g. GPs (non-Supervisor / past Supervisor), GP Registrars, Practice Managers, Practice Nurses or Administrators who are supportive of the Supervisors in their workplace. As a requirement, Honorary Members are involved in General Practice Training (in any capacity), and are in agreement with the GPSA values, and with the organisation as a whole. We encourage supporters of GP Supervisors to become Honorary Members. To join as an Honorary Member, please click on the button below.


Are you involved in the General Practice sector but not a Supervisor nor work in a General Practice? You might be a staff member of an Regional Training Organisation, work in a corporation that supports General Practice, or in a government setting. We send out regular e-Newsletters to our stakeholder members. To join as a Stakeholder Member, please click on the button below.