2017 National Supervisor Survey

Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 National Supervisor Satisfaction Survey.

Results are currently being analysed but here’s some teasers for you:

  • there are more supervisors who are also practice owners or partners than not
  • the demographic profile of supervisors is typically male, with more than 11 years experience as a GP and a fellow of the RACGP
  • supervisors are happier with their RTOs than last year
  • ensuring the delivery of quality training is still their primary concern but supervisors are still seeking recognition for their role including higher remuneration
  • over 20% of supervisors read Policy News and Research Roundup and find it useful but most didn’t know it was there! so head to those sections in this e-news to keep up to date with policy and research!
  • And most of you describe GPSA as “supportive”,  which we love! We try our best for you.
Here’s a great quote:
Ask the supervisors how to run Australian General Practice. As a body they represent the most experienced, motivated and energetic group of GPs in the country. They know a thing or two, have no political affiliation and the government should seek their advice.”
We agree!
We’ll keep you posted and provide the final report on the website.